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What is the Current Home Loan Rate in Australia?

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Whether you’re taking your first step onto the property ladder and buying your first home, or you’ve been buying property for years, you should understand the importance of knowing exactly how much mortgages in Australia are likely to cost. What is the current home loan rate in Australia?

First of all, it’s best to have a good understanding of the language of all of this. What are home loans, mortgages, and interest rates?

The Difference Between a Loan and a Mortgage

The term “loan” describes any financial transaction wherein one party receives a lump sum and agrees that they will pay the money back. Typically, although not always, the borrowing party will pay back the loan in installments, and there may be an interest rate that applies, which means that, by the time the loan is repaid, they will have paid more than they borrowed.

A mortgage is simply a very specific loan used to finance a property. They are secured loans, which means that the borrower has promised collateral to the lender if they can’t pay. With a mortgage, the collateral is the property. This means that, if you stop paying off your mortgage, the lender can take possession of the property.

While this might sound risky, a mortgage is a great way to buy your first home. Property is generally too expensive for most people to pay cash. Also, the lender will typically ensure that you’re capable of paying the mortgage off before offering it to you, so you’re unlikely to be caught out.

Taking Out a Home Loan in Australia

When taking out a home loan in Australia, or anywhere else, you will need to look at the interest rates. Australia is currently enjoying fairly low-interest rates, so now is a good time to buy. Typically, mortgages in Australia are set up for 30 years, and borrowers have the option of paying a variable rate or a fixed rate.

A fixed-rate mortgage locks in the interest rate for the borrower for between one and five years, depending on the contract. Regardless of how the lender’s interest rates change, you will still be making the same payment.

A variable rate mortgage changes with the lender’s rates, so it may go up or down over time. This is less stable, but can potentially save you money on interest rates.

Australia is a great place to buy right now, but you are likely asking “exactly what is the current home loan rate in Australia?”

The Current Home Loan Rate in Australia and Where to Find Help

The interest rates of mortgages in Australia depend on the type of mortgage you’re taking out:

  • The average fixed-rate mortgage currently ranges from 2.19% (two-year plan) to 2.76% (five-year plan).
  • The average variable rate mortgage currently has an overall interest rate of 3.21%.

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