Mortgage Broker Moone Ponds, VIC

Stark Finance has a great track record for mortgage applications. We get 95% of all of our applicants approved through our exclusive network of lenders. As your broker, we can help you with optimising an existing home loan, getting a mortgage for a new home, or refinance your existing home loan. Let’s take a look at how Stark Finance can help you as a Moone Ponds homeowner.

Optimising Your Existing Home Loan

Did you know that making fortnightly payments will actually help you get ahead of your home loan? By making fortnightly payments, if you structure your home loan right, you will actually end up making 13 monthly payments over the course of the year. This will help you bring down the cost of your mortgage in the long run.

We also help Moone Ponds homeowners who are at the end of the “honeymoon” period of their home loan. You may have locked in a variable interest rate at the beginning of your mortgage and are now paying a higher fixed rate mortgage. Our service can help you determine whether now or later is a good time to refinance.

We can also advise you on the amount of principal payments you should make and look at other options to make your existing home loan more affordable.

Refinancing Your Home Loan

Homeowners in the Moone Ponds area often look at refinancing their existing mortgage when they are looking to renovate their home, they want a lower mortgage rate, and to consolidate debt. If you are looking to refinance, Stark Finance is going to be able to help you. Our refinancing options can help you with a fixed or variable mortgage interest rate, getting you more loan benefits, and getting you money you might want for other things, such as funding a renovation

Loans For First Time Homebuyers

In the Moone Ponds area, Stark Finance has an exclusive network of 40+ lenders to court your application. We will work diligently to help you find a mortgage lender that can get you an interest rate, loan benefits, and other options that will help you move into your first home.

Additionally, Stark Finance can help you find any first-time homebuyer programs that are a good fit, such as the first time home owner’s grant. With Stark Finance, we have a track record of getting 95% of applicants approved for the mortgage product that is a good fit for them. We also can help you find a mortgage product if you are self-employed.

Work With Stark Finance Today

Stark Finance will help you with all aspects of financing your home. Our team will help you find a good financial product that fits your needs. We go above and beyond most banks when finding you the ideal rate. If you are a prospective homeowner in Moone Ponds, give us a call today.