Mortgage Broker Geelong, VIC

In 2022, housing prices are going to continue to increase. On average, home prices could increase by 4.1% quarter-over-quarter. Home prices are pretty competitive, as well. Now, more than ever, it is super important to have a good mortgage lender on your side. Stark Finance is a leading mortgage lender based in Sunshine, VIC. We service homebuyers and homeowners in Geelong, VIC. With a network of over 40 mortgage providers, we can get you a competitive home loan rate.

Mortgages for New Homebuyers Geelong, VIC

If you are a first-time home buyer, Stark Finance can help you get a competitive mortgage rate for your home. If you try to negotiate with one bank on your own, you might not get the rate that you’d like. However, Stark Finance has a network of 40 different lenders that we can work with to get you the best rate possible on your home.

There are several benefits to working with Stark Finance. These include:

  • Negotiating with the banks on your behalf.
  • Working with you to find the best lender.
  • Finding you a mortgage package if you are self-employed.
  • Finding you the right type of loan, no matter your situation.

Optimising Your Existing Home Loan

If you are an existing homeowner in Tarneit, we can help you with optimising your existing home loan. For example, if you make fortnightly payments, you can easily make the equivalent of 13 monthly payments over a calendar year. This is a great way to reduce the amount owed on your home and can help you pay off your home faster.

If your home loan has a “honeymoon” period, you may be finding out that your interest rate has gone up and your monthly payment is more. Stark Finance can help you find a better loan package if you decide that the end of your honeymoon period is making you think it’s time to refinance.

Refinancing Your Existing Home Loan

You might be thinking that you’d like to refinance your home loan. There are a wide variety of different reasons for doing this:

  • You want to reduce your monthly mortgage payment.
  • To finance home upgrades and other property investments.
  • To consolidate your debts and loans.

If you choose to refinance with Stark Finance, we have access to over 40+ different lenders and can help you find a rate that is equitable for your needs.

Work With Geelong’s Leading Mortgage Provider

If you are purchasing your first home, want to save more on your existing monthly payment, or are looking for a refinancing package, check out Stark Finance. We are the leading mortgage provider for Tarneit and service all of Greater Melbourne.